Lessons & Writings
Below are some of our writings that can be found in the form of newsletters,
blog posts, articles, etc. that we have done.
Monterey Audubon Newsletters
From 2012 to 2015 Chris was editor for the MAS newsletter.
Below are his issues he created or contributed to.
The Sanderling - Fall 2012
(A journey into birding, history of Audubon, Bird of the Century)
The Sanderling - Fall 2015
(Follow up: The Elephant and eBird, Seawatch program, Monterey Big Day, Memoriam:
Paul Eastman)
The Sanderling - Winter 2015
(Controversy in Conservation, Local conservation issues, All about optics, Some strange
birds, Editor's farewell)
The Sanderling - Fall 2014
(About birding festivals, eBird Q&A, memoriams: Alan Baldridge, Jay Holcomb, Dick
The Sanderling - Summer 2014
(Birds in Art, April Fools)
The Sanderling - Spring 2014
(The Elephant and eBird, all about eBird)
The Sanderling - Winter 2014
(Bird photography)
The Sanderling - Spring 2013
(A special day, History of wildlife rehab pt. 2, Tricolored Blackbird conservation, Memoriam:
May Gong-Tenney)
The Sanderling - Winter 2013
(Black Oystercatcher survey, History of wildlife rehab pt. 1, lead poisoning, birding ethics,
Memoriam: Richard Stallcup)
MCP Actions - Blogs
Chris' contributing articles and comments regarding photography.
File Formats: How to save your images
(In the comments section, Chris' full write-up on how to save your images)
The Truth about saving images in the JPEG format
(In the comments section, Chris' full write-up on how to save your images)
Laguna Grande Park campaign
The current status of Chris' campaign to protect Laguna Grande Park
Press Release #3
(Update and status on campaign efforts)
Press Release #2
(Public campaign to solicit help)
Press Release #1
(Fundraising campaign)
Drone Usage
An unofficial guide to drone usage in Monterey County.
After numerous inquiries to Chris about the subject, he created this graph using
input from all enforcing agencies.
eBird Use
A synopsis of Chris' experience with eBird, including road blocks and processes.
GFNMS Comments on White Shark PEA
Chris' letters to the Gulf of Farallones National Marine Sanctuary on the
White Shark tagging efforts.
Personal Writings & Comments
Chris' miscellaneous comments and writings on different topics.
If the Serengeti Highway is built
General comments written 10-31-11
The Wip - Blog
Blog contribution on environmental conservation and Chris' creation of the movie Before
It's Too Late
. NOTE: The site is no longer functioning, below is the article as it showed.
Camera Trappings Campus - Blog article
Wildlife photographer spotlight featuring a Q&A with Chris.
Serengeti Highway tactics
General comments written 2012 on tactics for successfully stopping the Serengeti Highway.
Can be used for other subjects.
Rung'abure Birding Eco-Lodge proposal
In 2011 this village was supporting the Serengeti Highway due to the village's economy.
One of the leaders connected with Chris where he formulated an birding Eco-Lodge
proposal for the village to consider as an economical better alternative to the highway. This
document is a full plan on how
any village with the right characteristics may use
eco-tourism as an alternative to environmental desctruction.
NMS comments on Jetski ban
Comments submitted to the National Marine Sanctuary on the 2003 proposed Jetski ban
Hartzell's Heirarchy of Health
An overall flowchart for prioritizing and maintaining health.
Tigers of the Night
Chris' story on night diving with Tiger Sharks (originally written by request by Shark Diving
Magazine, but the magazine ceased and the story was never used).
Serengeti Highway
Chris' writings and efforts to stop the Serengeti Highway.
Tacky Tourist Photo
In 2010 the site featured one of our whacky shots.
Farming and Canned Hunting in Conservation
General comments written 9-7-12