As an avid photographer and artist, I tried to find a way to
be both. Having only time to dedicate to one hobby,
coupled with my wife's photographic interest, I found
myself more skillful with the camera rather than the
canvas. With the advancement of digital photography, I
discovered a way that I could finally do both, and now use
my artistic eye and digital skill to “paint” photographs.

But it didn't stop there. Eventually photography would be
complemented by video. Along with both, came the desire
to travel to capture the visual splendors of nature.

Several years later, after traveling throughout the world,
we now create our one of a kind "PhotoStrokes" artwork,
offer wildlife photo tours and lessons, produce entertaining
and informational movies, and play our part in global
environmental conservation.

~Chris & Ame Hartzell~
PO Box 2354
Kalispell, MT 59903
(406) 909-0585
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