Wildlife Photo
Tours & Lessons
Serengeti, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorogoro Crater, and climbing Kilimanjaro.
Kenya's: Lake Nakuru, Amboseli, West & East Tsavo, and hot air ballooning over the great migration in
the Maasai Mara.
Botswana's: Okavanga, Savuti, Kgalagadi, Makgadikadi Pans, Kalahari Desert, Moremi, and East & West
Chobe parks.
South Africa's: Great White Sharks, Cape Town, and Kgalagadi/Transfrontier Park.
Zambia's: South Luangwa and Kafue parks.
Zimbabwe's: Victoria Falls and Lion Encounter.
Malawi's: Lilongwe city.
Ecuador's: The Galapagos, The Amazon Rainforest, High Andes, Cloud Forests
Alaska's: Denali highway and park, Arctic Circle, Nome, Inside Passage, Ketchikan, Juneau, Haines
Germany's: Berlin, Dresden, Romantik Highway, Munich, Black Forest, Oktoberfest
Switzerland's: Zurich, Luzern, Eiger Mountain, Jungfraujoch, Mt. Pilatus
Mexico's: Great White Sharks of Guadalupe Island, Isla Mujeres, Cancun, Akumal, Cozumel, Ensenada
Costa Rica's: La Selva, Tirimbina, Arenal Volcano, Monteverde, Selvatura Park, Tortuguero, BriBri tribe
Thailand's: Bangkok, Koi Samet, Phuket, Pang Nga
Carribean's: Grand Cayman, Key West
Nepal's: Kathmandu, Himalayas, Mt. Everest valley
India's: Taj Mahal, Ganges River, Dharamsala, Delhi, Varanasi
Canada's: Banff National Park, Vancouver, British Columbia
North America: Wyoming's Yellowstone & Tetons / Nevada's deserts & Las Vegas / Oregon's Rogue River
Valley, Crater Lake, & Mt Ashland / Washington's Orca pods of San Juan Islands & Olympic National Park /
Arizona's Grand Canyon & Zion National Park / All of California including Yosemite, Kings Canyon, Death
Valley, & Joshua Tree National Monument / Georgia's Jekyll Island, Savannah, & Okefenokee Swamp /
Kansas' plains & storms / Florida's Everglades, West Palm Beach, Manatee's of Crystal River
What experience do we have?
Our 40 years of traveling and photography include all of the following and more...
Do we offer tours and lessons to these places?
Then what exactly do we offer?
We offer essentially 3 things:
1) Classroom and field photo lessons to the beginner through advanced photographer.
2) Monterey, Central Coast, and California guided nature and wildlife photo tours.
3) Travel advice.

YES! We do offer photo lessons and guiding for SCUBA and Underwater adventures!
Where do we offer these?
No (at least not yet!), this is just our 'resume' to help you understand our experience.
Essentials Class: 6.5 hr lesson for the beginner through intermediate (time varies based on interaction)
$150 / person  (ask about group rate 6 or more)

Custom session: Focusing on your weaknesses or specific area of your request (i.e. Macro, flash, etc.)
$50-$75/hr Depending on location and subject (minimum 2 hrs)
We offer photo lessons in the Monterey, California area and up to 2 hours in any direction from there.
We offer
California wildlife photo tours focusing on the Central Coast & adjacent areas. Where exactly?
Monterey, Carmel, Big Sur, Santa Cruz, Panoche Valley, Merced, Los Banos, Moss Landing
We offer Travel advice through in-person, email, or phone.
Well how much does it cost?
There are basically 3 types of tours: Half day, Full day, or Multi-day.
There are essentially 2 types of lessons; standard and custom
Half day (4 hrs give or take) = $300
Full day (8 hrs
give or take) = $500
Multi-day = Minimum of Full day rate then $50/hr thereafter
Please NOTE: These costs are for traveling in your car (to keep your costs as low as possible)

If you travel in our vehicle:  Rates above + actual fuel cost + $25/50 miles (maintenance costs)

Also, if you choose a Multi-day that requires us to lodge, it will be the rate above + actual cost of lodging.
What do the Photo Lessons include?
What do the Tours include?
STANDARD CLASSROOM LESSONS: we need an indoor place to teach you. It can be your living room,
garage, friends place, office, etc. We need a place to plug in a laptop. If you have a group, a larger TV
that accepts laptop plug-in is preferred. You will need your camera that you want to shoot with. We will
bring our DSLR for you to learn about as well, but this is about you and your equipment.

The standard classroom lesson is for people with either
point-and-shoot or DSLR’s and will teach you:
-Understanding photography
-Understanding your camera
-How and where to buy a camera (both point-and-shoot and DSLR)
-How to shoot pictures and video (from the point-and-shoot to DSLR)
-How to use your pictures and video on your computer with software
-Ways to use your finished pictures either in frames or online albums
-Storing your pictures and video
-Ways to learn more on your own without costing you a lot of money

Examples of how you will improve your shots:
-Capture that family portrait against a sunset without everyone being too dark or light enough to
see but no sunset colors
-Capture that family portrait against beautiful scenery without the background being out of focus
-Capture that animal or sport event without the blur
-Take that grainy looking evening shot and make it worth printing for an 8x10” frame
-Get a
clean close-up picture of that zoo animal that’s far away
-Get that great family reunion picture without everyone squinting into the sun
-Get that action shot at the races without cutting off the front or back of the race car
-Take that amazing shot of San Francisco’s night lights
-Capture that close up of a butterfly on a flower
-Capture a clear image of that airshow airplane doing stunts in the middle of a blue sky

FIELD SESSIONS: bring your camera and accessories and the rest will depend on what you want out of
the field session.
The first question is why use us?
We know about trying to learn complicated things and trying to keep costs low.
We know about trying to find those local places to get good shots and see great things.

Therefore, everything we offer is designed for travelers and photographers just like us!
All costs are kept to just our time! No hidden fees or last minute costs!
Its all black and white and kept very simple. Because that's the way we like it, therefore we assume
that's the way you like it!

All lessons are relevant to you!
Unlike other services in this world, if we do our job right, you should never need another class again!
Unless you have a specific weakness or you want to do a field session, our standard full intro session
will give you complete A-Z, and most importantly, how to continue learning on your own.

We know how to teach!
Our experience in our regular jobs has taught us how to relate complexity into understandable
simplicity. You can find a great teacher who is a horrible expert. You can find a great expert who is a
horrible teacher. Its rare to find a great expert who is also a great teacher.
we ARE experts who can also teach!

We are knowledgeable!
Studying birds, biology, and photographing since 10 and SCUBA diving since 16, you will be challenged
to find a guide/teacher so well rounded in knowledge as Chris, and both Ame and Chris have the travel
experience to back it all up.

We know where to go! We know about travel!
If you read more on our about us page, you'll see we have extensive experience in the natural world.
With experience in birds, reptiles, mammals, and all the places to go see them, we know exactly where
to take you and what you'll see. And we'll tell you up front what to expect! No false advertising with
National Geographic style pics trying to convey that you'll see it if you come with us. We'll be straight
with you from the start so you have realistic expectations when you're out with us.
Of course it depends on where you want to go and what you want to see, but in general, we'll lead you
around like you were a family friend visiting. We'll show you the hot spots, identify the wildlife and areas,
get you to the best photo opportunities, and pass on our experience to you on our tour.  
Well what is NOT included?
WE ARE NOT A TRAVEL AGENCY and we cannot perform those tasks. We focus on keeping your costs
down as much as possible. Therefore, although we will gladly point you in the right direction and make
sure you're fed on tours, we don't make your travel arrangements and we don't actually provide the
meals. We just offer teaching and guiding services.
FREE! Well, to a point. We offer our personal recommendations, experiences, and equipment
recommendations. We have numerous links on our site you can use as well as I am always trying to work
on our reviews page
(which is still currently under construction). If you just want some helpful info, we'll gladly
spend around 30 minutes
(give or take) of our time helping you out FOR FREE!!! However, if you want to get
more in depth and have us actually help you plan your own trip, then we ask for $20 for our time of 1
hour and $10 for each additional hour we spend with you. We think that's more than reasonable.
Do we offer any guarantee?
In all our years we have yet to encounter someone who didn't learn something from us. Can we
guarantee you'll know more about photography after our lessons? YES! Can we guarantee you retain it
after we leave? NO! But we provide you with written notes to help you. Can we guarantee you see
wildlife? YES! Will it be what you want to see? Maybe! Its wildlife at the mercy of weather. We can only
guarantee to put you in the right places at the right times, the rest is up to nature and we are not
responsible for nature's schedule. Do we offer a money-back guarantee? Well, if you really have a
problem at the end of one of our lessons or tours, please be sure to talk with us honestly and fairly
about it and we guarantee we will work with you for a reasonable outcome.
What about payment and cancellations?
To confirm your booking, a non-refundable payment of 50% must be received and cleared prior to the
day of the lesson/tour
. The other 50% is due at the START of the lesson/tour. For short notice
lessons/tours scheduled
less than 5 days in advance you may pay the full 100% at the START of the

Once again, to keep your costs down, we limit payments to check or cash. We will take a credit card via
Paypal, but have to add a 2% charge (Paypal's fees for credit card charges).

We usually tour in rain or shine but REALLY bad weather could cause a cancellation. If WE cancel for any
reason, you can either reschedule or receive a 100% refund. Our communication with you will be
excellent so unless its a last minute emergency, you shouldn't expect any last minute cancellation
shockers from us. If YOU cancel for any reason, our first preference of course is to reschedule you.
However, if you cannot reschedule, we think its only fair to withhold the first payment for our time.
What else do we offer?
Well, if you want to find out more about our travels, you are more than welcome to join us at any of our
Special Events. Some of our movie presentations we give travel advice and it is also a very good way to
see first hand what you can expect to find if you travel to the same areas. These presentations we do
for free to help educate and inform the public about traveling and travel issues globally.
What about the underwater and SCUBA stuff?
Chris is a highly experienced SCUBA diver with lots of local knowledge. If you'd like him to essentially go
out with you as a
dive partner and guide you at a good site, then contact us to see what arrangements
we can make. But please remember, Chris is NOT a Dive Instructor
nor does he accept any liability for
your safety, experience, or actions. He basically will just take you to a good site and act as your partner.
Because diving is a dangerous sport, you can expect him to be selective about who he dives with.