FORMATS: We offer images for sale as either a PhotoStroke, or if you prefer, as the
original Photograph. We feel PhotoStrokes are best on canvas while Photographs are best
on either canvas or metal, depending on the image.

CANVAS pieces are made on specially treated artist textured canvas using inks rated for
75 years
(when stored indoors) and then sealed with a UV and humidity protective
transparent gloss coating. It gives the exact look and feel of an original oil painting while
also being tougher and far more durable than photo paper.

METAL format can also be ordered with images printed on ultra-hard aluminum which
is water  and scratch resistant and the same archival quality and longevity as canvas.
SIZES & PRICING:                                   PHOTOSTROKES      PHOTOGRAPHS     METAL
Small                    8”x10-14”       3/4” depth          $130                               $100                           
Medium-Small  12”x14-18”      3/4” depth          $195                               $175
Medium              16”x20-24”      1-1/2” depth       $335                              $300                     $350
Medium-Large   20”x24-26”     1-1/2” depth       $415                               $380                     $435
Large                    24”x30-34”     1-1/2” depth       $485                               $455     
(26”x36”) $680
X-Large                30”x36-40”     1-1/2” depth       $550                               $520                     $750

                                                                            (Click on an image to enlarge)

Inquire about Custom Sizes (i.e. 10”x60”  2“ depth)

Any shipping and handling is additional, as well as don't forget we have to support
California with taxes at 8.25%. When you contact us about your order, we will discuss
the pricing to try and match your budget with the best effective size and format.

PROOFING: If you would like, for $15 we will send you an 8"x10" proof of what you will
be getting. All final orders are personally examined prior to shipping to make sure you
are getting a 100% quality product.

Prices reflect the combination of the media format and size along with the time and
dedication given to acquiring and creating the images. Profits from sales go directly back
into the work in the form of equipment, travel, fuel, software, and materials. Quite
often, we will donate a portion of the sales to different organizations, many located on
our Links page. Talk to us more about who, how, and why we donate.

RETURNS: Sorry, once you receive your final order we do not offer a return. If your item
has been damaged due to shipping, we can help you go through the shipping carrier to
obtain a credit. If your item contains a flaw we somehow missed, we will work with you
in getting an exchange piece of the same item. Ultimately, we will work with you to help
make you a happy customer.

While some of the work may be available in stores and galleries, all website based orders
are "made-to-fit" for only you. To place an order, contact us to discuss what media format
would be best suited for you.
Ame and I take great pride in spending time producing only quality images in the field
and turning them into fine artwork at home. We do not mass-produce or take short-cuts
for the essence of time or money. Each piece takes about 20 hours of work or more, from
when we press the camera trigger to the finished artwork. All of our work has our
complete focus on producing a piece that represents our hard work and dedication to this
as a hobby. Our reward comes more from the enjoyment of sharing our work with you.
Do you have your own special image you’d like to have as art?
Contact us about turning it into a one-of-a-kind PhotoStrokes