FatCat Pictures
A FatCat Pictures Presentation
In 2006 when we decided to get married on top of Kilimanjaro, we came up with the idea
of creating a home movie of our climb and then showing it at our wedding. However,
what started out to be a small 10 minute venture, blew up into a massive 1 hour
authentic movie production which aired on the big screen at Golden State Theatre in
Monterey. To create the authenticity of a real movie, a 'production title' was added. Chris
and his imagination took off, taking our cats and implanting them onto shark's bodies,
then adding authentic styling. "Wells-Hartzell Productions" and "FatCat Pictures"
presentations were born and our homemade movies took off.

We show our movies to friends and families and sometimes to members of conservation
groups. Although FatCat Pictures has become our movie brand name, it is fictional and
non-legal and any resemblance to another company is purely coincidence. All of our
movies are free and we receive no benefits from them other than educating and
entertaining people.

FatCat Pictures now has 3 full movies in
"Chris & Ame's Travel Adventure series" a short
"Before It's Too Late", and a short film, "PhotoStrokes" showing a sampling of what
we do.
Chris and Ame's Travel Adventure Series
PART 1:         19,340 Feet to 'I Do'
The first movie was created in 2007 for our wedding. It was a 2 hour movie about our life,
first travel to Africa, then climb, leading up to our marriage on top of Kilimanjaro.
PART 2:         Alaskan Summer
Was our second installment, 45 minutes, of our journey to Alaska.
PART 3:         Expedition Ecuador
Our third installment, 1 hour 20 minutes, featured our journey diving the Galapagos
Islands then exploring Ecuador's mainland.
SHORT FILM:         Before It's Too Late
In May 2011, professional videographer Joe Romeiro (333 Productions) convinced Chris to
do a short film for Sharkfest 2011. What originally was a story on the plight of sharks,
turned into a moving 3-1/2 minute short film about extinction.
SHORT FILM:         PhotoStrokes
A 6 minute compilation representing what PhotoStrokes is and what we do. It is a
sampling of our photos, videos, and art representing our travels and the environmental
conservation efforts we are involved with.