About the Art
Contrast +15/100
Contrast +50/100
Contrast +50/100
Source Lighting +100/100
Source Lighting -100/-100
Examples showing extreme digital modifications
(Information on the sheet showing the modifications artwork received from the raw image)
Example showing backing placement
First number is the amount modified / second number is the amount of modification possible
The digital world has led to great possibilities never before achievable with film.
However, it has also led to a sense of falseness. For years the outcome of the
photograph was due to the skill of the photographer. Now with available
programs, what the eye sees may not be what the camera captured. A red sun may
have been a yellow sun adjusted greatly by tint.

On the back of each piece of art is an 8.5"x11" information sheet. On the sheet is a
copy of the original image taken, a short story about when and where we took
the picture, and information with the brightness/contrast/color modifications.
We make every attempt to keep modifications to a minimum. However, most images
need a small bit of Brightness and Contrast adjustment to keep the printed image as
close to the camera's image, and sometimes more modifications are needed to either
salvage an under/over exposed image, or to just make a good picture great. Either way,
we give you the info on the modifications so you know the truth behind the image.
Detailed backing example
PhotoStrokes are photographs my wife and I have taken ourselves and I have
digitally “painted”. I take a photograph and carefully cut out different layers, then
digitally "paint" the backdrop layers. The finished product has the clarity of
photography, but the creativity of artwork.

We take great pride in spending time producing only quality images in the field and
turning them into fine artwork at home. From the moment we press the camera
trigger to the finished artwork, each piece takes about 20 hours of work or more to
complete. To maximize appreciation of the art, the viewer is included in the full
process of the work; from the camera to the computer to the art. At times, the effects
can be subtle. Other times more obvious. The strength and style of the effect is
customized to suit the subject of each original image. A card with a copy of the
original image and story about the image is placed on the back of each piece. In
addition, exactly how each raw image has been modified is included. By providing
the full process of the artwork, as well as the truth behind the photography, we hope
to create a personal connection with our unique PhotoStrokes.

Ame and I enjoy traveling together both local and afar, as a husband and wife team,
taking colorful and creative story-telling pictures that we can make into
PhotoStrokes...unique one of a kind artwork.

We hope you enjoy it.